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Your changes can make it to the next release!


AndRomeo 0.1.8 will be released

At sunday, July the 4th, we'll bring 0.1.8 to the market.

This release is a bugfix release: the application should become faster and more stable. The list of new features is not so long (a refresh button, some image optimizations, a settings menu).

But our first goal was a little more stable application before we implement new functions. The current developer version is crashing more infrequently, and there are fewer lags now while using the app.

Furthermore it's rock stable while you're switching the networks: it recognizes a session timeout correctly (in many times) or a defective network, and automaticaly tries a re-login.

The next versions will include new functions like a search functionality, or a database for caching data or images for a more fluent experience (and a more nice gui, too ;)

Stay tuned.

Some of you have probably noticed that the version info is outdated in the "About this app" window. Do not worry, the version is 0.1.8. We have just forgotten to update the information.Furthermore, "New in this version" is filled with a Lorem Ipsum text. Please ignore. Thank you! :-)

P.S.: We just don't want to bother you with an update, that just brings a new version info!

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