AndRomeo is OpenSource, you may feel free and participate. If you want to add language support, neater artwork, or missing functions, you're welcome to review the sourcecode, add your changes and upload your own clone.
Your changes can make it to the next release!


Bad real life!

Because of real work and real life, we are very late with the next update.
We apologize for this!
Some of you may have read comments that suggest that AndRomeo
deletes all the contacts and collect passwords.

Well, then:
AndRomeo has absolutely no access to stored contacts.You notice that even before the installation.

It takes only access to the vibration and the Internet.
Who can read the source code will also notice that there is no
function that transmits the password to our or other servers. 

Apart from the log-in to


HTC Desire

Please post any issues with the HTC Desire here: --> Click on HTC Desire thread!

As some errors seem to be only reproducible on that specific device. 
We do not have a refference device, so we can not test it ourselfs. 

The application is tested on the following devices: 

HTC Dream / T-Mobile G1 
HTC Hero / T-Mobile G2 Touch 
Motorola Milestone / Droid
Samsung Galaxy S (I9000)



The AndRomeo OSP Team want's to thank all users for all the replies, bug reports and feature requests.
Today we've reached 1000 Downloads.
That's amazing!

Thank you all so much for using our app!

We may be not allways on schedule, but we will still work on the app to improve it's stability and features. :-)

Have fun and enjoy the summer - make sure that you have AndRomeo running in background! ;-)


AndRomeo 0.1.8 will be released

At sunday, July the 4th, we'll bring 0.1.8 to the market.

This release is a bugfix release: the application should become faster and more stable. The list of new features is not so long (a refresh button, some image optimizations, a settings menu).

But our first goal was a little more stable application before we implement new functions. The current developer version is crashing more infrequently, and there are fewer lags now while using the app.

Furthermore it's rock stable while you're switching the networks: it recognizes a session timeout correctly (in many times) or a defective network, and automaticaly tries a re-login.

The next versions will include new functions like a search functionality, or a database for caching data or images for a more fluent experience (and a more nice gui, too ;)

Stay tuned.

Some of you have probably noticed that the version info is outdated in the "About this app" window. Do not worry, the version is 0.1.8. We have just forgotten to update the information.Furthermore, "New in this version" is filled with a Lorem Ipsum text. Please ignore. Thank you! :-)

P.S.: We just don't want to bother you with an update, that just brings a new version info!


AndRomeo Group - Discuss - Give Feedback - Make Suggestions

To give you more space, to discuss functions, give feedback on the app, request features [...], than this blog can offer - we opened up the AndRomeo Google group.

You can visit the group by a click on this link:

On the navigation bar to you right, there is a group label as well.

We would love, to answer to your suggestions and issue reports right in the Android Market, but there is no way to contact you. :-(

So to make a start, we copypasted some entries to the group, to answer them!


AndRomeo & AndRomeo OSP finden Beachtung auf!

Da dieser Eintrag nichts mit der App als solches zu tun hat, ist er ausnahmsweise auf Deutsch gehalten.
Im genannten Artikel geht es natürlich weder um Andromeo von gimli, noch um AndRomeo OSP.
Der Artikel beschreibt, wie Apple die iPhone App MobileRomeo aus dem eigenen App-Store gebannt hat.

Wir wünschen uns, dass die App schnell wieder in den App-Store aufgenommen werden kann.

Neben der traurigen Tatsache, dass Apple eine gute App aus dem Store geschmissen hat, finden die beiden Android Apps zumindest am Rande noch Platz.

Ich finde, am Rande erwähnt, ist besser als gar nicht. :-)

P.S.: Am Spaßfaktor wird noch gearbeitet ;-)


AndRomeo OSP 0.1.5 released!

AndRomeo OSP 0.1.5 released
At first we would like to thank all of you, for downloading our app and for your great feedback!
It's true, that coding is more fun when you know, that someone has use for it. :-)
We hope, that you enjoy the new features in AndRomeo OSP 0.1.5!

AndRomeo OSP 0.1.5 detects your systems language and automaticaly adapts it. At the moment the following languages are supported:
German, English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and Swedish.
Please keep in mind, that some translations might be a bit off.
Feel free to correct any misstake in our web-supported translations. ;-)
If your language is not natively supported by AndRomeo OSP, it automaticaly starts up in english.

Image Zoom
Now you can zoom in / out pictures, that are attached to a message.Profile view now allows to scroll and zoom images.
A paperclip shows, if a message contains images.
The message view now shows only up to 4 images in a row.
(8 images in portrait mode)
Some images might still be off-screen on low-resolution devices.

Redesigned Iconset
The new iconset features completely new icons for any action.
Some of the new icons will be used by future features.
For developers,  all icons (incl. unused) can be found in the repository.
Other inconspicuous things. :)

App will crash less. Fixed some bugs related to connections.
When your network changes, from 3G to WLAN or from one Hotspot to another, while you login - the app should no longer crash.
You'll get a little message, that your login failed and you can retry instantly. (New error messages are partly localized!)