AndRomeo is OpenSource, you may feel free and participate. If you want to add language support, neater artwork, or missing functions, you're welcome to review the sourcecode, add your changes and upload your own clone.
Your changes can make it to the next release!



The AndRomeo OSP Team want's to thank all users for all the replies, bug reports and feature requests.
Today we've reached 1000 Downloads.
That's amazing!

Thank you all so much for using our app!

We may be not allways on schedule, but we will still work on the app to improve it's stability and features. :-)

Have fun and enjoy the summer - make sure that you have AndRomeo running in background! ;-)

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  1. Thank you guys ! i discover this app today ! and i want to thank you for your work ! please go on to improve the app ! :) i love you ! kisses