AndRomeo is OpenSource, you may feel free and participate. If you want to add language support, neater artwork, or missing functions, you're welcome to review the sourcecode, add your changes and upload your own clone.
Your changes can make it to the next release!


AndRomeo OSP 0.1.5 released!

AndRomeo OSP 0.1.5 released
At first we would like to thank all of you, for downloading our app and for your great feedback!
It's true, that coding is more fun when you know, that someone has use for it. :-)
We hope, that you enjoy the new features in AndRomeo OSP 0.1.5!

AndRomeo OSP 0.1.5 detects your systems language and automaticaly adapts it. At the moment the following languages are supported:
German, English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and Swedish.
Please keep in mind, that some translations might be a bit off.
Feel free to correct any misstake in our web-supported translations. ;-)
If your language is not natively supported by AndRomeo OSP, it automaticaly starts up in english.

Image Zoom
Now you can zoom in / out pictures, that are attached to a message.Profile view now allows to scroll and zoom images.
A paperclip shows, if a message contains images.
The message view now shows only up to 4 images in a row.
(8 images in portrait mode)
Some images might still be off-screen on low-resolution devices.

Redesigned Iconset
The new iconset features completely new icons for any action.
Some of the new icons will be used by future features.
For developers,  all icons (incl. unused) can be found in the repository.
Other inconspicuous things. :)

App will crash less. Fixed some bugs related to connections.
When your network changes, from 3G to WLAN or from one Hotspot to another, while you login - the app should no longer crash.
You'll get a little message, that your login failed and you can retry instantly. (New error messages are partly localized!)

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